the legacy


A number of satellite families were spawned as the legacy began by Elizabeth Collen grew. Most of these were the families of heir siblings - those that were not chosen to carry the legacy chart.

These families sat in limbo until I completed the legacy at Generation Ten with Liliana Cameron. Now that, for the most part, the legacy has ended (even though I continue to play the core family), I have begun to play with and explore these left behind sims and their families.


Originally, my choice for second generation heir was, indeed, Rebecca Anne Lillard. I changed my mind, however, after her elder brother wooed the lovely Dagmar Bertino. Hence, Rebecca and family - two kids already in tow - moved away to wait for me to pick up their lives once more.

Rebecca married Leo William Deppiesse and had two children: Devin Lennon Deppiesse and Dena Elizabeth Deppiesse. The family is currently living in Scion City, where teen children, Devin and Dena, are excelling in private school.


Third geneation sibling, Perry Nicholas Lillard, lost out on the bid for heir - mainly because I was too impatient to wait for him to grow up and Ian had already become an adult.

Currently, Perry lives in Scion City with wife, Emmy Rachel Kearny, and their toddler son, Holden Jackson Lillard.


Anne Marie was the shoe-in for heir, but it doesn't mean brother, Dustin Thomas Day, wouldn't have made just as good a choice. A sweet, loving family man and hard worker, Dustin adopted a young child just after becoming an adult and moved out into the world to start a new life with his baby daughter.

Dustin, his wife, Wendy Lynn Kimbrell, adopted daughter, Jennifer Estella Day, and daughter, Angie Louisa Day, all currently and happily reside in Scion City in Pinstar Parish.


An indirect off-shoot of the Collen Legacy - young Christy Rose Stratton, married widower Mitch Johnathon Lawson after wife and fifth generation heir, Anne Marie, had died. The couple had twin sons a day before the elderly Mitch passed away.

Christy moved out on her own, to the affluent Dyansty District, and married Shaun Christopher Phillips, who gladly helps her raise her young sons, Joren Mitchell Lawson and Loden Mitchell Lawson.


Seventh generation heir status was always going to go to his younger sister, Riley, but that never much bothered Rory Scott Lawson. A huge family was something Riley had always wanted. It was something Rory felt could wait.

He is currently enrolled in Kin Tech finishing his degree in History.


When Adia became the ninth generation heir, she left her two younger siblings, Brendan Paul Lam and Riana Claire Lam, free to puruse lives of their own away from the Collen Estate.

The two are currently enrolled at Heritage University where Brendan is working on a degree in Biology and Riana is working towards a Philosophy degree.


The legacy was complete with the birth of tenth generation heir, Liliana. However, as a back up, Adia and Curtis had one more a child - a bright, charming son, Landon Jay Cameron. Though Landon won't be making the heir-bid, I plan to create a happy, full life for him.

Landon is currently living in Scion City with his wife, a Far East native, Marisa Eleanor Shahan, and their young daughter, Lindy Savannah Cameron.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard