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Elizabeth Abigail Collen LillardDustin Day Joaquin Phoenix-lookalike, Family aspiration Dustin lost the bid for heir to his beautiful, intriguing sister.

That suited him just fine, however. Dustin always dreamed of giving an orphaned child a happy home, and he adopted young Jennifer before moving out on his own.

When Dustin went to work, he left Jennifer in the care of capable nanny, Wendy Kimbrell. After work, Wendy would hang around and help Dustin with chores while making them dinner, which they would share together. Jennifer adored her and soon Dustin felt more than simple friendship for the elderly nanny.

He proposed and an elated (never married) Wendy happily accepted. Though her age did not trouble Dustin in the least, she could not bear the thought of his trying himself down to an infertile wife. She visited the local gypsy and bought a potion that renewed her youth.

She and Dustin were wed soon after and later had a daughter, Angie Louisa; the first natural child for both of them.


Dustin Thomas Day was the son of Jessie Malcolm Day and Reese Junie Lillard. His maternal grandparents were Ian Jefferson Lillard and Lauren Michelle Reeves.

His only sibling was sister, Anne Marie Christina Day, fifth generation heir, who was married to Mitch Johnathon Lawson. He had one nephew through Anne Marie, Kyle Paul Lawson.

Dustin married Wendy Lynn Kimbrell and had one child, a daughter, Angie Louisa Day. He also had an adopted daughter, Jennifer Estella Day, from before marriage.

He has, as yet, no grandchildren.


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