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mitch johnathon lawson

Mitch Lawson Executive Mitch Lawson doesn't tell his co-workers that his beautiful wife is a part-time cat burglar, but he's proud of her all the same. He's also extremely proud of his son, Kyle, who, as a child, had already maxed out a skill and, as a teen, has gotten into private school and keeps a 4.0 average even while working an after-school job.

Though Mitch dreams secretly of becoming a super hero, he knows this would never work (his wife being an evil villian and all), so he keeps his dreams to himself and lets Anne Marie shine. It suits Mitch just fine, really. As long as his family is happy, he's happy.

After his Annie's death, Mitch was lonely and fell in love with his much younger assistant, Christy Stratton - who'd been lusting after him for years. He proposed to her during his son's wedding, and when she accepted, they decided to tie the knot right there (hey, the bartender was already paid for and the trellis was already out). After a double-honeymoon, both father and son came home and impregnanted their new wives.

Mitch succumbed to old age the day after Christy gave birth to their twin sons.


Mitch Johnathon Lawson's parents are unknown.

He was the husband of Anne Marie Christina Day, and the father of Kyle Paul Lawson. After Anne Marie's death, he became the husband of Christy Rose Stratton, and the father of twin sons, Joren Mitchell Lawson and Loden Mitchell Lawson.

He was the grandfather of Riley Katherine Lawson and Rory Scott Lawson, by his son, Kyle, and daughter-in-law, Heather Leigh Gonzaga.

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