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liliana may cameron JALOWITZ

Liliana Jalowitz Liliana, rung in the 10th Generation, bringing the Legacy to an official close - though I intend to keep playing the family as I've grown quite attached to them.

I was quite pleased to see Lili had picked up her father's red-haired genes, rather than her mother's brown-haired ones. Her younger brother, Landon, had brown hair.

Naturally, I would have liked Lili to have been one of a set of twins; a last-ditch effort to save my straggling Legacy Challenge score. Instead, she grew up and had twins herself. I suppose the joke was on me.

Liliana lives at the Collen Estate with her husband and twin children.


Liliana May Cameron was the daughter of Curtis Ronald Cameron and Adia Riley Lam. Her maternal grandparents were Jay Henry Lam and Gwyn Nicole Harris.

She had one sibling, a brother, Landon Jay Cameron, who was married to Marisa Eleanor Shahan. She had one niece through Landon, Lindy Savannah Cameron.

Liliana married Cole Dylan Jalowitz and had twins, Logan Elijah Jalowitz and Emma Erin Jalowitz.

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