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leo william deppiesse

Leo Deppiesse The one-time family gardener turned loving family husband, Leo was one of the most attractive males to marry into the Collen family. Unfortunately, his "cute" genes were not quite as strong as patriarch Brandon's weird ones were, and Devin and Dena turned out less attractive than hoped for. This caused Rebecca to lose the bid for Legacy Heir; I am a shallow god.

Still, Leo the gardener-turned-field-researcher was one of my favorite male Sims to marry into the legacy family. He, Rebecca, and the children live a time-stop life in the house down the street.


Leo William Deppiesse's parents are unknown.

He married Rebecca Anne Lillard and was the father of Devin Lennon Deppiesse and Dena Elizabeth Deppiesse.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard