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Elizabeth Abigail Collen LillardAnne Marie Lawson The first beautiful Sim born into the legacy family since its originator, Elizabeth Collen. Beautiful and intelligent Anne Marie was a popular and pretty A+ student all through her school years. No one would've guessed she had an afterschool job as a pickpocket!

Charming Anne Marie was born to be a criminal, though. Her lifetime aspiration was to be a criminal mastermind, and, even though she'd reached old age, she met this lifetime goal.

Anne Marie married family-man and former firefighter, Mitch Lawson and the pair had an over-achiever son, Kyle.

Mitch, a businessman, was well aware of his wife's less than legal career but supported her regardless.

"It's just what she was born to do," he often told friends. "Some people paint, some people teach, and some people chop wood. Annie steals."


Anne Marie Christina Day was the daughter of Jessie Malcolm Day and Reese Junie Lillard. Her maternal grandparents were Ian Jefferson Lillard and Lauren Michelle Reeves.

Her only sibling was brother, Dustin Thomas Day, who was married to Wendy Lynn Kimbrell. She had two nieces through Dustin, Jennifer Estella Day, who was adopted, and Angie Louisa Day.

Anne Marie married Mitch Johnathon Lawson and had one child, a son, Kyle Paul Lawson.

Kyle married Heather Leigh Gonzaga and gave Anne Marie two grandchildren: Riley Katherine Lawson and Rory Scott Lawson.

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