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brendan paul lam

Elizabeth Abigail Collen LillardBrendan Lam Younger brother of Adia, son of Gwyn and Jay. Brendan's birth heralded major changes for his family - within days of his being born, his grandfather died and his mother had caught his father having an affair with her father.

Brendan is extremely close to his younger sister, Riana, as the two had little in common with their older, married sister and their elderly parents.

Brendan is currently furthering his education at college.


Brendan Paul Lam is the son of Jay Henry Lam and Gwyn Nicole Harris. His maternal grandparents are Remington Charles Harris and Riley Katherine Lawson .

His siblings include Adia Riley Lam and Riana Claire Lam.

He is not yet married, and has no children.

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Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard