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Perry Nicholas Lillard

Perry Lillard Red-headed lothario, Perry Lillard, moved out of the legacy home shortly after becoming an adult.

Lover of female sims, he never fancied himself settling down, until he met the beautiful, intriguing, and dangerous cat burglar, Emmy Kearney. The pair were too much alike to deny their attraction and were soon married.

The couple have a young son that they are training to be their getaway driver for the bigger heists they plan to pull off together someday.


Perry Nicholas Lillard was the son of Michael Brandon Lillard and Dagmar Gabrielle Bertino. His paternal grandparents were Brandon James Lillard and Elizabeth Abigail Collen.

His only sibling was brother, Ian Jefferson Lillard, who was married to Lauren Michelle Reeves. He had one niece through Ian, Reese Junie Lillard.

Perry was the husband of Emmy Rachel Kearney and had one child, Holden Jackson Lillard.

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Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard