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Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard Adia Cameron Beautiful Adia, the Legacy's first Pleasure aspiration Sim, was a natural choice to carry on the torch as heir. Her father's genes finally were able to break the flat-nose curse of Jessie Day, her ggg-grandfather.

Adia was a wild, precocious child - fond of making mischief and shirking her chores and homework when she could get away with it.

As an adult, Adia, after much courting around Legacy Acres, settled on Club Dante employee, Curtis Cameron to continue the legacy that had become her responsibility.

Adia and Curtis share the Collen Estate with their daughter, Liliana, 10th generation heir, and her husband and twin children.


Adia Riley Lam was the daughter of Jay Henry Lam and Gwyn Nicole Harris. Her maternal grandparents were Remington Charles Harris and Riley Katherine Lawson.

Her siblings included Brendan Paul Lam and Riana Claire Lam.

Adia married Curtis Ronald Cameron and was the mother of Liliana May Cameron and Landon Jay Cameron.

She was the grandmother of twins Logan Elijah Jalowitz and Emma Erin Jalowitz by her daughter, Liliana, and son-in-law, Cole Dylan Jalowitz.

She was the grandmother of Lindy Savannah Cameron, by her son, Landon, and daughter-in-law, Marisa Eleanor Shahan.

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Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard