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landon jay cameron

Landon Cameron Though his elder sister was alwasy the choice for 10th generation heir, Landon never felt left out or "less" in any way. His parents created a warm, loving, and stable home that was filled with laughter and light.

As the children grew older, the family began taking huge vacations and trips together - something that bonded them all even closer than before. It was on one such trip, when Landon was still a teen that he first met his future wife. She was a lovely Far East native, and the young soon-to-be man was instantly smitten.

The vacation had been a fun one - his recently-married sister and her new husband had joined them, and Landon became close friends with his new brother-in-law, Cole. When he returned home, he kept up correspondence with the pretty Far East girl he'd met - via letters, email, and phone - and told her that when he was old enough, he planned to marry her.

Settled into his own home, now an adult, and paving a name for himself in a law career, Landon sent for Marisa - she arrived, and never left. The happy couple are now joyously married and share their love with baby daughter, Lindy.


Landon Jay Lam was the son of Curtis Ronald Cameron and Adia Riley Lam. His maternal grandparents were Jay Henry Lam and Gwyn Nicole Harris.

He had one sibling, a sister, Liliana May Cameron who was married to Cole Dylan Jalowitz. He had a niece and nephew, twins, Logan Elijah Jalowitz and Emma Erin Jalowitz, through his sister, Liliana.

Landon married Marisa Eleanor Shahan and was the father of Lindy Savannah Cameron.

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