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Marisa Eleanor Shahan Cameron

Elizabeth Abigail Collen LillardMarisa Cameron Marisa wanted to travel, to see the world. Though she loved her Far Eastern home deep in the heart of Takemizu Village, she longed to explore and see more than the bamboo forests and wooden wishing wells of her youth.

A teen herself, it was a cloudy day when Marisa bumped into a teen tourist who introduced himself as Landon. She was instantly smitten by his dark, handsome looks and easy smile. She spent the rest of his vacation showing he and his family the delights and attractions of her native home. When the Camerons left to return home, Marisa and Landon exchanged contact information - and a long-distance romance was kindled.

Through the years, Marisa and Landon's love intensified, and when adulthood reached them, she waited with bated breath for Landon to send for her. He had worked an after-school job at a local law firm all through high school so as to secure a good job for himself upon graduating - his efforts were rewarded, and it wasn't long before Landon had bought a lovely, upscale two-bedroom brick home in the city and sent for Marisa to come and visit...hopefully to stay.

The two found their romance was as true in person as it ever had been in their contact through the years, and were married within a month - a couple of months later, Marisa learned she was pregnant. "Good-thinking" she chided her husband on purchasing a two-bedroom home.

The happy, little family are busy raising their new baby, Lindy.


Marisa Eleanor Shahan's parents are unknown.

She was the wife of Landon Jay Cameron, and the mother of daughter Lindy Savannah Cameron.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard