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Elizabeth Abigail Collen LillardChristy Phillips She didn't care that he was old, or that he liked to wear over-alls at home as opposed to stuffy business suits. She didn't mind his long, white hair or his dark age spots. She didn't even care that he was married - Christy Stratton was head-over-heels in love with her boss the first day she started working for him.

She was his assistant, and catered to his every whim. If Mitch was aware of her longing for him, he never acknowledged it. He was married, and he loved his wife - his "Annie", he called her - and Christy respected that; loved him even more for it. She was sad for him when Anne Marie passed away, but secretly a part of her was overjoyed. She doted on Mitch even more. He was a family-oriented man, a man that needed love and attention - the kind of man that needed a wife, and Christy wanted to prove to him that she could be just what he needed.

It must've worked, because he soon began to return her affections. There was much innocent flirting, and then he invited her to be his date for his son's wedding. Little did Christy know it would end up being her wedding day, too!

Though their time together was short, Christy knows she will forever love her Mitch - and with two over-active, red-headed twin sons to remind her, she won't soon forget him.

After Heather and Kyle had their second child, Christy and the boys moved out on their own - away from the now crowded home. They presently sit in limbo, waiting for me to finish the Legacy family so that I can start up with the satellite families.


Christy Rose Stratton's parents are unknown.

She was the wife of Mitch Johnathon Lawson. After the death of Mitch, she became the wife of Shaun Christopher Phillips. With Mitch, she is the mother of twin sons Joren Mitchell Lawson and Loden Mitchell Lawson.

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