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emmy rachel kearney lillard

Emmy Lillard "The Ugly Duckling". As a teen, it seemed that Reese was destined to the be the ugliest Sim I'd ever had born in the game. She had an sharp, pointy nose, too-large and and overly-round eyes and an elongated head. She wasn't pretty any way you cut it. After a few botched attempts at primping her up with fresh make-up and cute hair, one look finally made her look passable and she spent the rest of her teen years fairly happy.

Yet the joke was on me, because Reese turned out to be a fairly attractive adult! Imagine my surprise - I've never been so happy to be wrong. She married flat-nosed Jessie Day, and the two went on to produce two very attractive children. Who'd of thunk it?


Emmy Rachel Kearney's parents are unknown.

She was the wife of Perry Nicholas Lillard, and the mother of Holden Jackson Lillard.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard