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kyle paul lawson

Kyle Lawson "Wonder Kid!" Either I'm getting really good at this game, or Kyle is a Sim-players dream-come-true. The kid was a Knowledge Aspiration-Sim even before hitting his teens. All he wanted to do was read books and work on skill building. His body skill was maxed long before he hit teen-hood and, even though I rolled a Knowledge Aspiration for him, he was primed for a career in the Athletic field (besides, I needed the career reward object!).

Kyle married former-sales clerk, Heather Gonzaga, shortly after his mother's death. His first son, Rory, was born the same day as his young twin brothers, Joren and Loden. After Christy and the boys moved out so that I could play them later as a satellite family, Kyle and Heather had their daughter, Riley. The couple decided this would be it, since Heather died during both pregnancies.


Kyle Paul Lawson was the son of Mitch Johnathon Lawson and Anne Marie Christina Day. His maternal grandparents were Jessie Malcolm Day and Resse Junie Lillard.

Kyle married Heather Leigh Gonzaga and was the father of Riley Katherine Lawson and Rory Scott Lawson.

He was the grandfather of Gwyn Nicole Harris, by his daughter, Riley, and son-in-law, Remington Charles Harris.

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Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard