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gwyn nicole harris lam

Gwyn Lam Gwyn is a pretty, outgoing Sim, and as she grew into adult she came to resemble her mother - who died when she was a toddler - greatly. She has large, blue eyes and soft, brown hair. She's a Popularity Sim who has many friends, and married another Popularity Sim; Gwyn and Jay are the most social of the generation heirs and their spouses. She plans to have a gaggle of children that she can give all of the motherly love to that she missed out on when her mother died.

Gwyn married the pizza delivery guy, Jay Lam in a small, backyard ceremony. Her aging father couldn't have been happier with her choice and eagerly awaited his first grandchild; which turned out to be a girl that was named Adia.

Gwyn died of old age a day before her first grandchild was born.


Gwyn Nicole Harris was the daughter of Remington Charles Harris and Riley Katherine Lawson. Her maternal grandparents were Kyle Paul Lawson and Heather Leigh Gonzaga.

Gwyn married Jay Henry Lam and was the mother of Adia Riley Lam, Brendan Paul Lam, and Riana Claire Lam.

She was the grandmother of Liliana May Cameron and Landon Jay Cameron, by her daughter, Adia, and son-in-law, Curtis Ronald Cameron.

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