the legacy

Shaun christopher phillips

Shaun Phillips When Shaun first lay eyes on the beautiful Christy, he was instantly smitten. She had moved into a small apartment adjacent to his, and soon Shaun found himself spending hours there - helping Christy with her two twin sons, whom he soon came to adore as his own.

Within a year, Shaun had proposed to Christy. He knew he could never replace Mitch in her heart, but hoped to honor his memory by taking care of his wife and young sons. He loved Christy with all of his heart and - he soon learned - she loved him, too.

After the marriage, Shaun officially adopted Joren and Loden. The family keeps a portrait of Mitch in the home, and Shaun whispers a "thank you", secretly, every time he passes it - for creating such a beautiful family that he now considers his own. He respects Mitch immensely, and hopes to honor him by raising his sons well and keeping his wife happy.


Shaun Christopher Phillip's parents are unknown.

He married widow Christy Rose Stratton and was the stepfather of her twin sons, Joren Mitchell Lawson and Loden Mitchell Lawson, from her first husband, until he officially adopted the boys.

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