the legacy

ian jefferson lillard

Ian Lillard Third Generation Heir, Ian Bertino, almost lost the bid for heir to his younger brother, Perry. Luckily for him, I'm also an impatient god, and didn't feel like waiting for Perry to grow up before I could continue the bloodline.

Ian, never the nicest of my Sims, married the demure and docile, yet pretty, pizza delivery girl, Lauren Reeves. Ian was passably attractive once you stuck a beard on him, and Lauren was very lovely with her dark hair and blue eyes. Unfortunately, those ugly genes win out every time and the next heir, Ian's daughter, Reese, was to be the ugliest of the bunch!

Ian ended up becoming very close with his son-in-law, Jessie - who mourned more than anyone when the old detective finally kicked the bucket.


Ian Jefferson Lillard was the son of Michael Brandon Lillard and Dagmar Gabrielle Bertino. His paternal grandparents were Brandon James Lillard and Elizabeth Abigail Collen.

His only sibling was brother, Perry Nicholas Lillard, who was married to Emmy Rachel Kearney. He had one nephew through Perry, Holden Jackson Lillard.

He was the husband of Lauren Michelle Reeves, and the father of Reese Junie Lillard.

He was the grandfather of Anne Marie Christina Day and Dustin Thomas Day, by his daughter, Reese, and son-in-law, Jessie Malcolm Day.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard