the legacy

rebecca anne lillard deppiesse

Rebecca Deppiesse Quiet, mousey Rebecca was originally pegged to carry on the Collen Legacy, but her unattractive offspring caused the torch to pass on to her brother, Michael, and his beautiful wife, Dagmar.

Rebecca didn't mind. All she'd ever wanted was a quiet life with a caring husband and healthy children. With Michael and Dagmar raising Ian, and she and her husband, Leo, soon after having their second child, the Collen home had become very crowded.

After their father died, Rebecca and Leo packed up Devin and Dena and moved into a small home down the road - where they have sat, unplayed, since.


Rebecca Anne Lillard was the daughter of Brandon James Lillard and Elizabeth Abigail Collen.

Her siblings included Michael Brandon Lillard, who was married to Dagmar Gabrielle Bertino, and Christopher Liam Lillard. She had two nephews, Ian Jefferson Lillard and Perry Nicholas Lillard, through her brother, Michael.

Rebecca married Leo William Deppiesse and was the mother of Devin Lennon Deppiesse and Dena Elizabeth Deppiesse.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard