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Welcome to elizabeth's legacy!

Elizabeth's Legacy details the legacy of the Collen Family, started by Sim Elizabeth Abigail Collen, as part of the Legacy Challenge created by Pinstar.

Elizabeth Collen started out as a near-penniless Sim in my legacy challenge 'hood, Legacy Acres. She met and married Romance Sim and Townie, Brandon Lillard. The couple had three children: Michael, the Legacy heir, Rebecca, and Christopher. From there, the legacy truly began...

This site details the family throughout the legacy, including the satellite families spawned while playing the challenge.

a note on surnames

When I first began the Legacy Challenge with Elizabeth, I was still carelessly letting the females choose the marry option - giving the family her maiden name as its surname.

Initially, as well, I wanted to keep "Collen" as the legacy family's surname...something I later realized was pointless and unrealistic. Initially, Elizabeth's children had the surname of Collen; and Ian - third generation heir - had his mother's surname of Bertino because his parents were not married when he was concieved.

I corrected this on Skasimlaki. For accuracy's sake, also, I have corrected my surname snafus on this site. Elizabeth's maiden name is still the name of the challenge, The Collen Legacy - as she is the one that began it - but her children will now take on the surname of Lillard - their father's surname - as it should have been originally.

One last note: There are no middle names in the game; I came up with middle names for my legacy Sims for the purpose of this site.

This site last updated on November 29, 2007.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard