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michael brandon lillard

Michael Lillard Though not the first choice for an heir, Michael was finally chosen to carry on the legacy - something he could've done without. Still, like his father before him, he found the joys of parenthood better than he'd first imagined.

Not long after becoming an adult, he moved his girlfriend, Dagmar Bertino, into the family home. Elizabeth and Brandon weren't happy about the arrangement, but added an extra bedroom onto the house for the young couple anyway. Dagmar soon became pregnant, and - much to his parents' dismay - the couple still chose not to marry.

It wasn't until young Ian had reached his teen years, and Dagmar became pregnant a second time that Michael and Dagmar finally tied the knot.

Congressman Michael died, like his father, some time after his wife but was able to see his granddaughter, Reese, before going on to that great Hula Party in the Sky.


Michael Brandon Lillard was the son Brandon James Lillard and Elizabeth Abigail Collen.

His siblings included Rebecca Anne Lillard, who was married to Leo William Deppiesse, and Christopher Liam Lillard. He had a nephew, Devin Lennon Deppiesse, and niece, Dena Elizabeth Deppiesse, through his sister, Rebecca.

Michael married Dagmar Gabrielle Bertino and was the father of Ian Jefferson Lillard and Perry Nicholas Lillard.

He was the grandfather of Reese Junie Lillard, by his son, Ian, and daughter-in-law, Lauren Michelle Reeves.

He was the grandfather of Holden Jefferson Lillard, by his son, Perry, and daughter-in-law, Emmy Rachel Kearney.

the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard