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Elizabeth's Legacy is a site I put together to chronicle The Collen Legacy, my The Sims 2 Legacy Challenge.

I began the challenge with Family Sim Elizabeth Abigail Collen; the challenge ended with the birth of 10th generation heir, Liliana May Cameron.

Though I finished the legacy - finishing anything is an accomplishment for me - I only ended up with a score of 22; we had more than a few shrink visits.

All in all, the Legacy Challenge was immense fun - so much so that I have started a new Legacy Challenge family - the Hollands (visit Claude's Legacy) .


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Elizabeth's Legacy is a sub-site of my The Sims 2 fansite, which documents my Sims 'hoods and family lines, Skasimlaki.

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the collen legacy

Elizabeth Abigail Collen Lillard