the legacy

Jay Henry Lam

Jay Lam Jay never imagined his part-time pizza delivery gig would land him a beautiful, well-off wife. Happily married with a young daughter and a baby on the way, Jay - pursuing a life in Politics - thought he had the life he always dreamed of.

He was even pleased to realize he had a real connection with his father-in-law, Remington. Every spare moment either had found them together, hanging out and talking, or pushing one another on the swing. Gwyn, preoccupied with a toddler and one-on-the-way didn't seem to mind that the two spent so much time together, and Jay had never felt so connected to anyone in his life.

It was the day that Brendan was born that Remington and Jay realized what they felt for one another was more than simple friendship. After the birth, both men stepped outside for a breath of fresh air, and - in the excitement - Jay kissed his father-in-law. The mere peck, however, moved their relationship into the next realm and both suddenly realized that they were falling in love with one another.

The story had an unhappy ending. That very night, Gwyn walked into the kitchen to find her father and husband in a decidely un-family-like embrace. Gwyn was furious at both of them and stormed out. Remington, heartbroken, died the next day.

Years after the affair and Remington's death, Gwyn eventually forgave her husband, and the reconciliation caused the aging couple to have a late-in-life child; a girl they named Riana.

Jay outlived his wife, and succumbed to old age moments after helping his infant granddaughter, Liliana, blow out the candles on her toddler birthday cake.


Jay Henry Lam's parents are unknown.

He was the husband of Gwyn Nicole Harris, and the father of Adia Riley Lam, Brendan Paul Lam, and Riana Claire Lam.

He was the grandfather of Liliana May Cameron and Landon Jay Cameron, by his daughter, Adia, and son-in-law, Curtis Ronald Cameron.

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