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heather leigh gonzaga lawson

Heather Lawson "Stay-at-home Mom" and "Difficult Pregnancy-Sim". Heather always wanted a family, and lots of children running around. She was a Family Sim, after all. Yet having those children proved to be more difficult than Heather had ever imagined. She couldn't seem to get enough sleep - no matter what - and was too exhausted to stay awake long enough to eat. During both of her pregnancies, she died of starvation. Thankfully her loving husband was there to beg the Grim Reaper for her life both times and Heather lived to raise the son and daughter she'd wanted so badly.

Heather eventually was able to pay Kyle back in kind after begging the Grim Reaper for his life after a terrible electrocution accident (she'd told him to unplug the microwave before working on it!). Busy raising two young children, Heather waited for a career until after both children were in school. She then went on to become a successful Scientist.

In old age, she lived at home with her son-in-law, Remington. In her spare time, she helped Remington raise her granddaughter, Gwyn. She passed away happy with life, eager to rejoin with her husband and daughter who died too soon and proud of the family she'd raised.


Heather Leigh Gonzaga's parents are unknown.

She was the wife of Kyle Paul Lawson, and the mother of Riley Katherine Lawson and Rory Scott Lawson.

She was the grandmother of Gwyn Nicole Harris, by her daughter, Riley, and son-in-law, Remington Charles Harris.

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